How to Book a Dolphin Cruise

dolphin cruise

To truly experience a dolphin cruise, you must have a high-quality camera. Although these creatures may not pose a problem for smartphones, you need a camera that captures clear images. The settings on your camera should be set to single-point focus, if possible, and sequence photoshoot mode if you want to get more than one photo. Even a basic smartphone camera can take good quality pictures, but you will want to invest in a high-end camera to capture the most amazing moments.

Before booking your dolphin cruise, know the rules of the company. Make sure you have a copy of its policies, as it can help you avoid getting into trouble or having to pay for a service that doesn’t meet your needs. Also, ask about the safety measures the company takes. While most cruises don’t have these, they are still important to know. You may have to take a few Dramamine tablets to keep you from feeling seasick during the trip. read more

Starting a Canoe and Kayak Rental Business

A canoe and kayak rental business rents watercraft for recreational purposes. Customers can rent them for an hour or for the day. Some can also arrange a guided tour. They can even supply safety gear, such as helmets, if necessary. The industry is expected to reach $57.3 million in 2021. In addition to providing fun, educational activities for outdoor enthusiasts, the canoe and kayak rental business offers guided tours. A good business will provide excellent customer service and a quality overall experience. read more

Jet Ski Along the Intracoastal Waterway

When planning a vacation, consider jet skiing along the Intracoastal Waterway. With its spectacular scenery, it’s a great way to get away from the everyday grind of city life. There are several places to enjoy the thrill. Many cities offer guided tours or rentals to get you started. While New York City has its own pristine waters and scenic vistas, the city offers a great place for jet skiing.

jet ski intracoastal waterway

Located at Bush Marina in Topsail Beach, A&B Saltwater Adventures operates jet skis that can fit up to eight people. Its riding area extends southward from Serenity Point and northward to the high rise bridge in North Topsail Beach. The company offers guided tours, and is only in its second season. Residents have expressed concerns over the increased number of jet skis and other watercraft that are being used to travel to the area from other states. read more